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Obviously a lot of KP haters on this thread! Sad really for most of you as imo you get a laugh or kick out of bullying her (even if she doesn't see it, it's still a form of bullying). You don't know her personally and she is impulsive and make mistakes with her choice of exes, but is a good mother and will always be there for her kids and support them. IMO some on here have got friendly through having a laugh at her expense and now can't move on cos you've only her to run down in common. The irony is, it's you ppl that are keeping her more relevant. sad!
Awe bless you. Why move on when she has so much more to offer for LOLs ? The gift that keeps on giving seems apt . There is no hate,just disgust .And amusement at the levels she goes to for headlines. And if you imagine for one second she doesn't read comments on here then you are mistaken. Even Leo admitted it. She prefers googling about herself to rumpty-tumpty. The sex object uses sex for hooking & landing only,then her lady-doors are barred while she googles herself endlessly(and no,that isn't a sexual deviation,just a bored woman past-time ).
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