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I agree with you that he appears to be a very talented man and yes he has accomplished more than you or I could dream .I didnt think I was saying unkind things about him, I was just voicing my opinion - which I thought this forum was all about!! but hey!!!!! I was in no way trying to bring him down, but still dont get the credit thing (like why is Craig Ferguson still credited - might be a legal thing?) OK he was there in the beginning (and very much a part of it) but then they parted (its just a job - he's away to something new)! So why would you expect him to answer questions relating to his job 6 yrs previous x
RubyRedi, welcome back to the forum! As a relative newbie - only on for the past year - as far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier! And we do not always have to agree (I definitely disagree about Minghella.) How boring if we did. IMO the forum should not just be an echo chamber. What we have in common is we all love DM. Do stay engaged and thanks for adding to the conversation!
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