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I don't buy into the whole national treasure thing. I thought Gazza should have been dropped from the team when it came out that he was a wife beater.

However, as someone who suffers from mental illness, I have a lot of sympathy for his battle with alcoholism and bi polar disorder. This latest binge seems to have come about after he was under stress from losing a friend. For me, food is an addiction. Fortunately that doesn't hurt anyone but myself. But when its combined with a bout of depression I really go off the rails with bingeing so I can understand why he's come off the wagon again. You can have a whole support system out there and people who rely on you too, but unless you have the self esteem to want to look after yourself and try to get better, it's never going to work in the long term. Gazza doesn't need to just dry out. He needs long term therapy to help with those demons. And yes he might relapse every few years or so when his bi polar affects him. There is always hope though. I think he needs a purpose in life and has lost that since his football career ended.
Nice post, yorkiegal. Having been around DS for a while, I'm familiar with your posts and you always put up a good fight for those with mental health problems. I, too, have to admit that Gazza lost a fair bit of sympathy with me re: the wife-beating but agree with everything you've said here.
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