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I'm no doubt the only person on the planet.... but I think Dusty was over-rated and at Cilla's best, I preferred her voice over Dusty's. But I will agree re Pet Clark (brilliant, such clarity) and Dionne.
Fair do's Ella
I bet there are a fair few that would agree with you.
Because I've often had a pop at Cilla on DS I did find some clips of her earlier recordings (and my bf's mum loved her voice)...she did have a good voice. One person's preference is as good as another's. I do think in more recent decades it got shriller, though. Maybe due to strain.
Dusty herself had a bit of a tempestuous private life but I liked her stand on Apartheid. I liked the 'smokiness' of her voice and do tend to prefer the huskier-voiced female singers.

Like you say you think Dusty was over-rated, I think Pet Clark has been under-rated. Read a recent interview with her and was delighted to see she's still working and busy at 80. She always did seem to have that Peter Pan thing going on!
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