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Dexter fletcher is my guess.
Well done!

I love "Ring the Alarm"
So do I! In fact the song Amy was singing (not sure of the title - Baby After Tonight??) and there was another one - I think when the people on the beach were dancing to - were three classic songs that were nice to hear again.

Continuing from that, I so enjoyed this episode, best one so far for me. Lovely to see Amanda Mealing again, especially as I had just watched Holby City (when she had played a long term and liked character Connie) and looking great. And her moves! Wow Amanda!! She danced way better than Camille who seemed uncomfortable at doing so!!
And wasn't that Jamelia singing and playing the role of Amy? If it wasn't, she looked so liked her and was one singer who, although I wasn't a fan of, I admired due to having a natural talent and beauty.

I loved how Richard wanted to comfort Camille and how he went about it, and also loved "eeediot" from that bootlegger guy around the start of the episode!!
One very minor moan but won't bother mention it as it still was a great episode for me. So worth the hour.
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