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Thanks for all that data Rzt.

Looking at ITV key demos:

Entertainment - 16-34 Year Olds

Take Me Out - 7.4
Splash - 6.5
Dancing On Ice - 5.6
The Jonathan Ross Show - 5.1
All Star Family Fortunes - 4.7
DOI: Skate Off - 4.4
You've Been Framed - 3.5

Drama - ABC1 Adults

Lewis - 13.4
Mr Selfridge - 11.9
Midsomer Murders - 10.7

Jonathan Ross's audience profile is insanely good and would be for BBC1 let alone ITV. 27% 16-34 and 59% ABC1. Those are so high that even with his very modest overall figures he's doing enough to get by.

DOI on the other hand seems to be skewing older this year, almost as old as Strictly Come Dancing. Coupled with lower overall figures it's not a pretty picture. ABC1 ratings (where it ties Mr Selfridge for #2 on ITV) are looking comparatively better these days which is quite unusual for an entertainment show.

Great Night Out isn't delivering on any measure it seems.
Great night Out is competitive with the other groups until you reach the 45-54 age group and its numbers collapse.
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