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Saw this last night and the only word I can think of to describe it is 'outrageous', and I mean that in a good way. Long, wonderfully verbose scenes, interspersed with long, equally wonderful violence.There aren't many directors who would get away with even half what Tarantino does without being reigned in by the production company. Yes, it's much longer than it necessarily needed to be to tell the same story, but that just meant more to enjoy from Waltz and Jackson, the stand-outs for me. I've never really been able to take DiCaprio seriously as an actor for some reason - possibly because of his perpetual boyish good looks - so I didn't know if he would 'work' in this, but he and Tarantino seemed to embrace this perception and created the character as essentially a spoilt brat. Also good to see Don Johnson again. (Someone should give him a proper leading role in a mainstream film to show Hollywood he can still act, a la Mickey Rourke). QT seems to have this knack of taking once popular, but now seemingly forgotten actors, giving them starring roles and getting great performances out of them.


As for the slavery angle, and whether QT is 'entitled' to make a film about it; if someone knew nothing about it, they'd learn a damn sight more about it from this film than that other slave film.

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