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I don't think the Scots have done as well as I would have expected in Great British Menu and a couple of previous contestants have seemed to be very unlucky not to get a dish through. Tom Kitchin is one example. That said, I'm not terribly impressed so far: spam? fish you have to cook yourself at the table?, thanks; a horrible looking red egg - yes, I know it fits the brief and I do like Michael - he's a dish himself and quite charming - but it didn't look appetising. The marking seems quite harsh this week, though. What did Mark do to deserve a five? I can't remember his starter but I remember his face when the mark was delivered. He and Michael must have been surprised and disappointed at getting only a six for the fish as well. I was surprised Tony's wasn't a lower mark on account of not doing much work plus the hazard factor of chaos and possibly even accidents with the hot thing on the table.
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