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Fair do's Ella
I bet there are a fair few that would agree with you.
Because I've often had a pop at Cilla on DS I did find some clips of her earlier recordings (and my bf's mum loved her voice)...she did have a good voice. One person's preference is as good as another's. I do think in more recent decades it got shriller, though.
I agree that Cilla did have a pretty good, strong voice in the early days. However - I think you'll find the difference between her earlier good voice (that some remember) ... and the mostly remembered awful, weak and whiny outpourings that most people think of when they think of Ms Black - is the fact that she had her nose done! Very, very vain of her and her voice suffered (who'd have thought though that she'd still blight our TV lives with her National Treasure Professional Scouser act). Mind you - she's laughing all the way to the bank - I doubt she cares that she has an awful voice and most of the UK (and ALL of Liverpool) can't stand her.

Having said all that - back to the singing thing - even at her earliest best - Cilla Black wasn't a patch on Dusty Springfield.
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