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Pubegate and poached egg-gate have become a bit commonplace now!
I do believe Toni pointed out a hair on the toilet seat last night didn't she? (or was it the night before? it's all beginning to run into one now) but it wasn't categorised

Mr S and I were chatting about the sleeping on the floor business, there were lots of remarks about how comfortable the floor was and that seriously confused me.

The other thing I didn't say was about the breakfast service.
It seemed a bit odd to serve some breakfasts when others weren't ready and everyone's sat at the same table. I wouldn't do that.

Besides, I'm fairly sure there was mention of everything being 'cooked to order' but am also fairly sure that actually refers in the main to eggs, because wasn't the rest of the full breakfast in those bain marie type fittings (under heat lights and looking very hot if the steam rising was anything to go by) Nothing wrong with that at all if it is nice and hot when served, just makes it more puzzling as to why you wouldn't serve all the meals together.
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