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Good grief. That's another 25% drop in Total People on last week's already very low premiere.

If the same happens in the UK, then we can expect a rating of ~0.6m for tonight's episode.
An entirely predictable turn of events though. The numbers dropped off during the first season and rushing it back so the second season airs during the regular season hasn't helped matters. Not at all sure what TNT were thinking or expecting here beyond the misguided hope that rushing it back as quickly as possible would limit the damage (Five's scheduling of it isn't any better either). Clearly that hasn't worked.

Having said that I suspect things will pick-up noticeably for JR's funeral episode. The trick there will be making a good episode that convinces some of those viewers to stick around for the rest of the run. Of course just generally making a good show in the first place probably would have helped them as well but that's another story.
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