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I agree making a meal of sleeping on the floor was a step too far and I do like the girls..I think it's shame if they have been put up to that.
Nothing irritates me more than waiting for a meal when everyone else has theirs. If you are a one man band it's not easy but modest B&Bs manage so a hotel with staff should have ensured that on that day surely! And I stand by my comment that a collection of antique furniture in good condition would be better than cheap pine. You could have good quality modern mattresses with period headboards. Nothing is nicer in a venue than when you have an updated version of the appropraite period style. And nothing is safer than hotel quality Egyptian cotton bedding. It can't be easy running a small business, I feel for everyone of them but think..think!
I agree, if you are asking people to chose you to stay with and pay, then surely spending a bit extra on some quality linen, bedding would pay in the long run. I would find it brilliant fun to search out furniture, paint it up to look fresh and decorate rooms. I would look at loads of other B&Bs to see what they do, get some ideas, there must be some great tips out there. There again, I don't run a B&B, so easy to say all this, there is probably a million things I have absolutely no clue about.
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