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I'm a bit disturbed to see Gatehouse and TK egging each other on with their ever more ludicrous theories, trying to find something that doesn't exist in every scene!

The one thing that I was able to make a final decision on last night was that of the clumsy editing and bad continuation. Being an editor myself I had noticed it several times and just thought that it was part of their style, but then last night in the scene where Becky and Ian were at the table tennis table there is a really obvious example of bad continuation, where in the shot looking at Ian, there are two plastic cups on the table and then when the camera cuts to Becky there is only one cup on the table and she has the other in her hand!

Shocking, shoddy and unforgivable to be honest, but no doubt Gatehouse will see some deep reasoning behind it.

Having said that, I am still watching it, although I did find last nights programme terribly slow and like others have noted, I really can't understand why, if the network did know where the group are, they just didn't send in a group of people to get rid of them rather than the obviously malfunctioning Arby.

Oh and by the way, several here have compared the series to other programmes so I'll tell you what it reminds me of. 'Five Go to....' and all that stuff, only with added violence!
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