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The Duke of Cornwall, St Austell

Described as a traditional pub, with separate dining room and six letting rooms.

The latest visit is to the Duke of Cornwall in St Austell, where hosts Debbie Williams and Karen Lucas urge their guests to take part in a sťance as they think the B&B is haunted.
Interestingly they price their rooms at the same rate all year round.
Also interesting, there are only two ensuite rooms.

£60 per night for double room ensuite
£50 per night with 'shower and sink'


I'm kind of reserving judgement on the comments, scores and game playing and seeing how it progresses this week.
Low scores haven't always meant underpayments, or not by too much any way.
I did think the room rate last night seemed steep for the area and what we saw, but as time goes on with this series, I'm finding it harder to 'read'
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