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My favourite Gladiator was Panther. Her injury on Tilt was horrific though. She's got a gym round where I live but I'd be too shy to go haha.

I wish they would bring it back properly. The Sky series got so much wrong - silly costumes, not a great venue (I think the pool took up too much space), and the games didn't look right. Also, most of the Gladiators tried to be bad guys which just didn't work; in the original, only Wolf was the bad guy really while the others were all gracious in victory/defeat.

I really wish they could bring it back at the NIA. I think it would be a hit with the right set up. I wonder who could present it?!
The best thing about the new series was seeing the legends return for three of the episodes. It almost brought tears to my eyes, some still looked incredible (Lightening, Scorpio, Hunter, Trojan), but seeing people like Cobra let themselves go so much was a bit sad.

I would love to meet them all. I met Rio and Trojan before and they were so nice. I looked up to all of them, and ever since I saw this thread, I have been rewatching and I can see why I loved it so much.

If they ever did it again, it won't be the same as the original, as the new one showed. The best thing is if they have new gladiators but the originals were there as coaches/referees/managers. I want to see them back on my screen! We see Jet all the time on BB BOTS, and we have seen Hunter on Celebrity Juice and they are still great. It would be great to see what ALL of them have been up to.

My fave female glads were Lightening, Jet and Rio. Males were Trojan, Wolf, Hunter and Cobra.
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