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Ok, it is back to doing research.
I've found agreements about how screenwriters do their jobs and work with producers in the US. That led me to figuring that the UK must have similar rules, guidelines, etc. and indeed there are.
I found this website for the writers guild:
I found a document there that specifies all manner of things particular to writers and TV production:

I then found the ITV Commissioning webpage
with a link for Producers' Guidelines at
that has a long list of other documents relevant to productions of which
explained the crediting guidelines.

After spending considerable time reading and scanning through these fascinating documents, I have a new real huge appreciation for what Philippa and Martin have to know to do their jobs as a production company!
Thank you so much for finding these.
It is all incredibly detailed.
ITV doesn't require someone to be credited unless they played a substantial part!

Very interesting.
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