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A lady who has a true passion for food, cooking, family and a very special knack for teaching, she always made things look simple, whereas I could never quite get to grips with Delia. The negative comments she received from her headmistress seem to have had quite an effect on her. So sad that she felt as though she were a disappointment to her Dad as she was not academic, then seeing her photo with him on the horse looking down at her and she said,'He did love me after all.'
She seems to have taken all that life has thrown at her, even the sudden loss of a son, with dignity and grace, not a trace of self pity.I always respect her comments on Bake off as she offers encouragement and only constructive criticism when judging and there is that sense of humour of course.
Just what I would have said and now you've said it for me.

She should definitely get a Mary Berry potato ricer manufactured now!
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