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Just a few observations. . .

Well, if driving his car full throttle has been taken off the agenda, seems like he's looking for other little thrills. But with 130 acres, I imagine he CAN actually drive on his own property.

You know, he stresses often how he is not competitive, but I actually think he is in his own way.

Interesting how he identifies with his Clydesdales "They're big and I'm big." "My boys" . . .

He refers to his age a lot.

Finally, IMO there's something wrong with the picture of him driving a metal cart around Dorset with that Aussie cowboy hat. Kind of like (for USers) when Michael Dukakis posed for that missile photo. Can't quite identify what the internal disconsonance is.
Note that in the Sun article he mentions being "booted" in the head by one of his "boys" and in another recent article he talks about the mare he was riding getting panicky because her saddlecloth (?) was caught in a fence, and he had to throw himself over the fence to avoid injury. Also, when he was on TopGear, the comment was that he was an OK driver but incredibly fearless. Be careful out there, Martin Clunes! (In the U.S., I think it is not uncommon for actors to have clauses in their contracts about exposing themselves to danger.)

I agree about the hat -- dissonant.
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