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Pierce and ping

I'm still holding out for a few one off episodes I think they'll leave next weeks episode with both Lewis & Hathaway still un-decided so if it doesn't come back we can assume Robbie & Laura are living happily ever after and James is doing whatever he wishes either an inspector or having left the police force but if it does they are both still employed

I do think it'll we depend on Laurence's American dream if it works they'll be no more if it doesn't the show will be back January 2015
The preview for next week does say something about as they solve the case both Hathaway and Lewis face life changing decisions.

The fact it says FACE rather than MAKE does - from that, anyway, suggest it's one of those where they might sort of end the programme with the question hanging in the air as to what they might do - if you see what I mean!

Like when someone says, "So are you gonna do that?" and the camera goes on the face of the person asked .... and then it ends before they speak! lol

It mentions in the review that Hathaway resorts to prayer next week so maybe his decision is to toy with going back to the church!

As to Laurence going to America, I've read about that and every time it mentions that they are going now because his two sons aren't at school yet, so that's why they're going now. Which just from that suggests they aren't planning on going long term anyway, whatever happens.

It would be a shame if this was the absolute end of Lewis. Morse went on for so long, it feels like Lewis has lasted no time by conmparison.
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