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Just been to see this film, cried many times, absolutely breath taking knowing it was a true story which I remember so well from Boxing Day 2006, when the thought of all those lost lives and broken hearts was so awful to comprehend.
If someone had made this story up it would never have gotten to the screen because they would have said its impossible.
I have never seen Naomi Watts in anything but I thought she and Tom Holland (the eldest son) were just incredible; the bond between them was so real. I have a son myself and I just sobbed during the early part of the film when they were caught up in the water trying to reach one another. The moment when they finally did, the emotion they both portrayed as they clung to one another was so incredibly well acted and real it had me in pieces.
The boys reaction to his mother being sick in the hospital was so heart rendering and heart breaking my own children cant stand it when Im ill, it makes them vulnerable and they even get angry, just like the young lad in the film.
The second son, too, was remarkable for one so young. In the film the character he was portraying was only seven and a half. The scene he acted with Ewan McGregor when he was begging his daddy to stay with him and the youngest son instead of sending them to the mountain was superb.
Make up and special effects also brilliant; and I was pleased to see at the end that there was reflection and recognition for all those poor souls who lost their lives or loved ones.
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