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Your Christmas presents 2013 are sorted, then.

I am imagining Momma's face right now
She'll be clearing a space on her Pezza shelf in preparation.

Maybe he and Emily should do one together, Pete prancing about in his pants while Emily (in a white coat) explains the physical benefits...

Barbed wire round the dvd player ( so no-one can interfere with my viewing pleasure ) ...check !

Bolt on livingroom door ( so no-one can get in therefore ruining my viewing pleasure )...check!

Window blind down and curtains drawn so no-one can see in ( therefore seeing me act like a numptie , which will seriously ruin my viewing pleasure ) ....check !

Comfy chair and footstool placed in front of the tv ( therefore enhancing my viewing pleasure )....check!

.....All sorted...when do we start ?
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