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Rich Tea and The Gatherer, are you two that used to frequent the TOTP forums years ago? I think you are who i think you are-

Question-when did TOTP change to 30 minute episodes from the (was it 40 minute) episodes, and on the BBC4 repeats, when was the last time that they showed a full length episode?
Nope is the simple answer to your question HughJasss. I had never ever commented on any forum about TOTP, or anything else before my joining date on DS, which you can see on the left was only just last summer. I had been reading the comments on the original 1976 thread from when the repeats began in spring 2011 however, but dragged my heels about joining in the chat. Pleased I did though in the end!

Not sure who you have been imagining I was? Do tell!

I used to hate 30 minute TOTP's back in the 80's and early 90's when I watched mostly. I always had imagined the 70's editions all being 45 minutes long. Clearly wrong there, as has been seen. But the rigidity in the schedule that damned Eastenders caused on Thursdays, forcing everything into permanent half hour slots really annoyed me at the time, and I am sure that many tracks and video's used to get brutally cut short because of it. There again, 1985 into 1986 was the end of the TOTP heyday for me personally. Sales plummetted rapidly in that period too, from just a couple of years earlier.
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