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You've never had to see someone you love and care about battle alcohol addiction, have you?
My uncle died of alcoholism -he died because he chose alcohol over health. I think by saying alcoholism is a disease seems a bit like you are saying that person has no control over their alcoholic behaviours... My uncle just couldn't control himself, he didn't really want to because he was alone, he had no motivation to quit, and his life is 100% in his hands. That's why in my eyes he committed suicide as he was told if u continue you will die within weeks. And he chose to do that. You have to save yourself. I know it sounds harsh but after all the times he stopped he chose to start again and we had to watch his 92 year mother go through hell, then she had to go to his funeral.

So as for Gazza, he could have all the support in the world but if he doesn't want to truly choose life, then I think he will let the booze kill him.
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