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Just a few observations. . .

Finally, IMO there's something wrong with the picture of him driving a metal cart around Dorset with that Aussie cowboy hat. Kind of like (for USers) when Michael Dukakis posed for that missile photo. Can't quite identify what the internal disconsonance is.
The hat. Wonder about its origins. Do we know if he got it while in Australia doing his Man Who Lost His Head (New Zealand) movie or Men Down Under or Dogs documentary?

Or is it just a convenient hat with a broad brim he found somewhere that works particularly well to shade his fair skin when out and about on the farm?

Looking back at Buckham Fair photos, he wears the same or similar hat, but with a different hat band. The band has a possibly beaded Indian look which I wonder if it might be a souvenir from when he rode with the Sioux Indians in Horsepower here in the US.

Just my wonderings.....
Source of my wonderings: My now slightly decrepit but wide flat brimmed straw hat that I bought out of a boating store in Portland and was made in Australia was the only one I had found that felt good on my head and that I use while gardening and doing other outdoor work.

Oh, and channeling LG: "I quite like ..." the hat.
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