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But did he go to rehab to get over the addiction?

I find it hard to believe he just woke up one day, said 'no more' and never took it again. If it was that easy, every addict would be able to do it, and like every human being, all addicts are different.
You're right, every addict is a unique human being and it's ridiculous to say just because one found giving up easy that another won't struggle.

I don't like talking about it on here very much but I've said before that my mum is an alcoholic who has been sober for almost 30 years but she can still have times when it's a struggle, even after all these years.

My mum is an intelligent, educated woman with a long career as a midwife. She managed to hide her drinking for years and hid it well enough to hold down a stressful job. Her problem was that, because she hid her drinking, she didn't have a support system because no one knew how bad she had got behind closed doors except for me and I was a kid, what did I know about addiction? It was really meeting my stepdad and falling pregnant with my brother at the rope old age of 41 that made her realise she had to stop and, by then, she had someone she trusted enough to tell the truth.

Some people can be complete p*ssheads all of their lives and never develop a dependency. Others are hooked almost from the first glass. None of us know who has the tendency towards addiction and who doesn't, almost until it's too late.

Gazza can do it if he really wants to but I really don't know if he does want it badly enough. Like others on here, I agree that his life was playing football and, without the game and the camaraderie, he's a lost soul who has no direction in his life.
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