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Black Velvet
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I dont know of anybody too posh to push... and lets face it whats posh about a huge scar and damaged tissue. Its a terrible phrase and cant think why or who it was invented for.

To answer question I had two emergency c-sections. Not through choice, as I dont see how anybody would makie a choice like that, or be allowed to as its such a drain on the NHS
That's why I can't understand when you hear about people choosing an elective c-section yours was for emergency like you say not through choice.
As I have had back trouble since having had my pregnancy twenty six years ago and it seems to be down to having weak muscles in my stomach.
I shudder to imagine what I would have been like if they had had to do a c-section and cut through some tummy muscles my back probably would be a whole lot worse.
Thats what I can't understand about this thread how you can have such strong tummy muscles that you can't give birth natural. I don't half envy this woman having strong tummy muscles as she won't have any back trouble.
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