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We have so many good questions for the producers, writers, directors, camera people, stand-ins. I wonder if there is a place we could assemble all of these questions and submit to PB after the next series airs (I'm sure they are way too busy right now and will be up to the airing). This would give us time to get some good succinct questions and see if we can get them to look at them and ask different people involved in the production to answer. I've got to believe we are their most rabid fans and maybe they would be willing to give us an insight into our favorite show. Perhaps one of our members could ask that question of MC or PB while in Port Isaac this spring/summer.

The reason I thought about this is that this morning I was looking at screen shots of the Christmas Special and the colors are so much more washed out than any of the regular episodes. I am so curious to know why?
Someone who actually knows something can tell you better than I can,but I heard MC (on his BBC Desert Isle disks interview) be very proud of the fact that DM was shot on film, one of the last shows that uses film. Other shows use video cameras (I think) and it does seem to me that the Christmas Special was shot with video camera rather than film. I may have got this slightly mixed up, but in any case, it's clear that a different technique was used.
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