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I was surprised they didn't recommend the projection method, but taking the finderscope off was a good idea, don't forget you could have younger kids wanting to take a look through the telescope and might try to take a peak through the finderscope.

I didn't see it as a problem having the amateurs there, remember we all started off that way and it's easy to get a bit arrogant over things you think people SHOULD know.

I remember every time PM covered the sun he'd repeat over and over and over about not looking at the sun directly, it is important because as we know it can blind you in an instant.
That's the only method l've used and it's perfectly good for showing up sunspot clusters. lt's also the only method that's really safe as you don't at any stage look through a lens.

I now always watch the extended Sky At Night on BBC 4, which is on for 30 minutes, which this week is on Thursday night at 7.30pm.
and here's a clip --->
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