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C4 confront Harry Kasir then he used to run it.

They should have confronted pop stars and politicians with their cameras.

Because senior politicians and a very famous pop star are apparently on the guest list. Although letting the police, the NSPCC and the investigative journalists just get on with the investigation would seem to be the best course of action.
A list compiled by who ? should cameras be shoved in the face of people based upon unsubstantiated rumour , or should police investigate a case and act according to the facts ?

And the media need to think and tread very carefully, go shoving cameras in peoples faces and making accusations which are broadcast to the country could jeapordise any future trial should that person be charged. I would far rather know nothing now if that is how it has to be if it means the right people stand trial at a later date when enough is found to charge them. Instead of people not facing trial as a fight for viewing figures means they cannot be charged.

My thirst for news comes way down the list when it comes to correct and fair procedure and justice for a victim.
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