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A list compiled by who ? should cameras be shoved in the face of people based upon unsubstantiated rumour , or should police investigate a case and act according to the facts ?
A list that was found with one of the former owners / person who ran the guest house, that's who, along with times, photos and other private information.

Ah, yes, because they carried out their investigation fully when they raided the Elms House in the 1980's and were warned some "high profile people could be inside", they were also watching the house and had undercover police officers inside, and yet nothing ever came of it even though they had personally witnessed abuse being carried out by guilty parties.

What about those facts? We should all of a sudden sit back and let the powers that be carrying out their investigation? They need to be held to account, the people need to push and push before it all gets swept under the carpet once again to protect more high profile abuse, because you can be rest assured this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mary Moss is certainly correct when she said the original investigation went no where because of the high profile names involved, who stretched and collaborated with higher members in society in a disgusting perverted web of cruelty and abuse.
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