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( pardon another long post ) MWT has been particularly vocal on twitter today about changes needed.

Has he ever said why/how he left the police force? whether he was made redundant, fired or chose to leave? he seems particularly vocal about whats wrong with the system but I can't help but wonder what his background is?. Maybe its bad of me to wonder but I do get a little curious when I see him being so vocal and sceptical - it makes me wonder what his ex-colleagues think of him now, if he's seen publically as having many issues with the system? he's tweeted about writing to various judges etc. to request changes to sentences among many other things.

I'm not saying he's wrong about the things he criticises, im just curious - maybe he left on principle because he was disillusioned with how things were run? most sites I've seen that mention him just say, at most, that he left the Surrey police force in 2008 to bring his investigative journalism skills to broadcasting and is a child protection expert - does being a detective equate to being a journalist?. I wonder when I see multiple tweets in the same day complaining so fervently about things - if he's such an expert then can't he help to bring about these changes they apparently really need? maybe im unfair, I don't know. It seems maybe a little strange to have had a good career as a detective and choose to end it to turn to what I gather is mainly freelance work, working on a few TV shows and offering to do speeches at events etc.? surely there's a more stable income available in the police force?.

On the other hand again though, maybe its more noble if he really didn't like how things were run, if he chose to take a more risky route and leave to be able to be more vocal away from officially working in the force?. I don't know what to make of him sometimes... opinion has seemed divided here too?.
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