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Hi Biffpup, Hope all is well with you and youre doing good Have you booked your trip yet???

I would think that the forum will get busier once S6 filming starts next month and you may see people who have been members of the forum for a long time (much longer than I have - Im a newbie compared to some of them!!!) pop in and out - I think there are a lot of members who lurk but choose not to contribute - but who knows!!! I also think that some people were dissappointed with S5 and think maybe the show has run its course - which may create some disinterest but again who knows - the show still seems to be as popular as ever.
Good, I hope so. And I figure it'll be the UK fans who are most likely to get to Cornwall to fill us in on the filming.

As for me, no, trip isn't booked. I ran into some major home repairs (that sounds like I walked into a wall, doesn't it?) that left me broke, so things are iffy right now.
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