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Having grown up in Harpurhey I dont know what to make of the show. Yes most of it is like that, yes most of the people are like that. But there are also some really decent people there and its unfair to tar them all with the same brush.

Had to laugh when Diana Dior came out singing "Daddy I've fallen for a monster" with the oversized black d*ld0 in her hands.

The thing that surprised me the most is they glossed over the biggest problem Harpurhey is facing at the moment – the underlying racial tension.
Mark my words it is about to kick off there bigtime.

Found a good review here: http://itsonthetellystupid.wordpress...-is-harpurhey/

The first half of People Like Us, we have to admit, had us squirming in our seats. The folk we met weren’t always the best and brightest Manchester has to offer, while others were (we felt) in need of a bloody good slap.

But then it occurred to us – there’s no fakery here, no scriptwriter pulling strings or putting words in mouths – this is life exactly it happens: complicated, messy, inarticulate, sweary and very much in your face.

People Like Us doesn’t try to present a picture-perfect image of an imperfect place. Instead, it offers a glimpse of a reality some of us have, perhaps, chosen to ignore – maybe even gone so far as tried to escape. But beneath the bad language and tortured syntax, the emotions are as powerful and primeval as they come: a parent’s fear for her child, a lover’s worry for her partner, and the pain of heartbreak when a relationship goes wrong.
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