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Another celeb who needs a c-section..why can't they just be truthful and say they don't want to push?
so many celebs have all these complications I don't believe most of them, no Doctor will tell on them as it's confidential, so they can lie to everyone.
Just all the Portland Mummies have little tummy tucks too, must be nice to buy a smaller tummy and an easier birth.

I bet she won't have stretch marks after the birth too, another little mystery why only normal non-celeb women seem to get stretchmarks!
I don't think the celeb culture of having a c-section has helped matters I think it has trivalised it.


And as I've said over and over, but no one seems to be getting it is that if IT is having a breech baby, it's standard in the NHS to have a caesarian. If she's going private, she can have exactly what she asks - and will be paying for it.
Again because of the culture we live in these days the NHS make a c-section standard for a breech birth because it safeguards them and to avoid being sued in case anything unforseen happens.
I think its a shame because there are many c-sections being carried out when there is no need for them. No wonder the NHS is so hard up for cash as these operations cost a lot more than a woman going in having to a natural delivery.
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