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The term 'haters' is actually against the forum T&C's. As others have said, this isn't an appreciation thread and KP is fair game as she puts herself out there.

I don't 'hate' her - I pity her and I find her disgusting in her behaviour and what she 'does' for a living. It's about time she grew up, quit trying to be a 20 year old sex symbol and sat back and enjoyed some of the money she has made without having to seek attention every 10 minutes.

It doesn't take Einstein to work out that this marriage will be over by the end of 2013 (and that's being optimistic) and that the whole sorry gravy train will continue ad nauseam. It would be faintly amusing if there weren't 3 kids involved; one with special needs who needs stability and routine and instead gets lumbered with any old Tom, Dick and Harry as Dad in any given week.

I don't know how anyone can actively defend her - she is pitiful.
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