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One thing I noticed is that she always goes for men who are below even her celebrity status so in the end she can bring out the old story they were hanging on her own coat tails. One day she might, just might, find someone who will take her on and have a bigger fan base than her, then she might get a taste of her own medicine.

Poor Katie, has it all in monetary terms, has less than nothing in her personal life that brings her contentment, her children could if she concentrated on them rather than her fastly diminishing career and appeal to less than savoury affairs.
I'm sure the door has been firmly slammed shut and welded by any male celebrity who is above her in the fame game.

Her level to entice men is now reduced to a moronic, crappy mixed martial 'artist/fighter', a non english speaking Ken doll lookalike imported from Argentina and a guy who's claim to fame is playing a stripper in EastEnders for a minute.

God knows who she'll shack up with next - I'm placing a tenner on her "going gay"
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