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not being funny but don't you mean you accosted him in a conversation? by "bumping into him" suggests that you both casually got chatting, which I very much doubt is the case. are you saying he instigated it?

and people wonder why celebs get ratty sometimes.
Well, you'd be wrong. We were simply in front of the same supermarket fridge at the same time. He said 'hi' and it went from there. I didn't even acknowledge who he was. I was fortunate to be living in a place at the time where celebs get left the hell alone, so they generally go about their day just as normal people do. CZJ would drop the kids off at school everyday and wait at the gates every day along with the other mums and dads.

Edit: for the avoidance of doubt, I'm fully aware of how surreal 'chatted with Michael Douglas in front of the yoghurts' sounds.
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