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...she's too busy documenting her cruelty to animals
Absolutely! LJ wouldn't have to smack a child anyway; one glance from her and they'd turn to stone.
I read both Sibary's and Flo's articles and Sly and the Family Stone's hit, 'It's a Family Affair' sprang to mind. If the whole family start writing farticles, the kids' school fees will soon be sorted. Next up could be Keith's 'Me and my G & T', or Monty writing about being bullied because his collective names sound like a preparation for piles or coughs. Whatever gets them through the night.
I found that the best way to get my teens through their 'difficult' years was to get off their case over trivial matters. When my youngest daughter was 13/14 and piled on the slap to go out with her mates, I told her she looked lovely. She soon toned it right down and, Hey Presto, no confrontations.
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