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That 25yr old was bent as anything.
Agreed.Didnt see it all, but the first time I saw him and her (not the tv show) I thought, what, he's gay! and the kiss It was only a peck... but still.And thought it was creepy when she was saying that she would never be able to have kids, and she is with this young alcoholic lad, it seems like a very odd/not right situation. But maybe he's get to not work, get drunk maybe get 'some' and she got the child she always wanted... it would work out well for them both. I assumed she worked at least, having to feed the animals and live off dole must be a challenge.

Also, that tool. Hated him, and when he was sat on the couch and you could see this bare sock....and it had a hole in it! Sure it happens to us at some point, but if it were me, I would sat differently, and if asked by producers, I would try not to have to.

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