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Obviously a lot of KP haters on this thread! Sad really for most of you as imo you get a laugh or kick out of bullying her (even if she doesn't see it, it's still a form of bullying). You don't know her personally and she is impulsive and make mistakes with her choice of exes, but is a good mother and will always be there for her kids and support them. IMO some on here have got friendly through having a laugh at her expense and now can't move on cos you've only her to run down in common. The irony is, it's you ppl that are keeping her more relevant. sad!
Impulsive !, the woman is in her mid thirties and its time she grew up, she is not 18 year old anymore. I am sure she loves her kids,as much as she is capable of loving anyone. But she does not put them first., that place belongs to her selfish self.She is a terrible example to her daughter.

If she did put them first,she would not parade continuous men through their lives..She is a very silly, immature, shallow woman who is where she is , thanks to her wily business savvy brother , others talents and good management. They created a monster, a self destructive one.

She is riddled with insecurities and issues, she would better off getting help for, rather than making a fool of herself for mags, Hopefully her kids never google her or they may get more than they bargained for. I dont hate her, I pity her.
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