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Hello everyone.

Ok can anyone list what the jobcentre is counting as actively seeking work?

At Pinnacle people i spoke to others who had thier money stopped and with no reasons given by the jobcentre it is looking like they are changing what they are accepting as actively seeking work.

I thought applying for jobs counted. As well as asking staff in shops, offices etc So if these do not count then what does?
Should be on your agreement and a mix of different things. I think you just have to make sure you makea note of everything you do be it asking friends, family, in shops, in the pub, in the paper whatever. Just to be on the safe side I reckon it would be a good idea to write down the date you did something, what you did, what papers or shops you looked in and what they told you. You never know it may be useful for you to look back on. You could ask somewhere that doesn't have any jobs at the moment but someone may be due to leave for some reason and if they mention it it would be handy to have a note so you can go back again nearer the time.
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