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And someone paid over 31 for an item that retails at less than 13
I know I was a fool. I know. I know.

What is it that you are actually trying to achieve OP?
Are you trying to hook another bit of kit to the same monitor?

If it's something like an old VHS player, and you've got a Composite connection on the monitor (yellow-red-white) then a simple scart to composite lead might work.

If it's something with RGB scart output, like a set-top box, then you might be able to get some solution to work through a VGA connection on the monitor. This would be more expensive though.
I have a video recorder with only a scart output and wanted to connect it to the monitor. Looking at the back of the monitor I only see a hdmi slot and one for connecting the monitor to computer, no composite yrw (it was a cheap monitor, but 28.5" so I snapped it up without thinking of any future usages).

Looks like the simple thing to do would be to bite the bullet and buy a tv with scart input, hdmi input and usb slot and forget about all this fudging that's gotten me nowhere.
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