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caught up with this last night and was disappointed.

i was with it for the first hour or so, Watts and Holland were excellent

but McGregor didn't make much of an impression on me beyond the scene where he rings his father-in-law. and the whole thing degenerated into a bit of a manipulative soap opera with the camera overdoing the whole turn-round-he's-behind-you bit

it reminded somewhat of one part of these large scale films that cover a disaster from different viewpoints. in a bigger, more wide-ranging film it would be one of the less interesting stories

i'm sure there are better stories to tell about the tsunami than this one. i wasn't emotionally invested in it at all.

the plane take-off at the end of Argo was an edge-of-the-seat and completely involving affair.

maybe it was not having kids that made the difference, so the more manipulative elements didn't get to me. the makers definitely played it for all they were worth. they weren't far off crashing cymbals and soaring strings in the later reunion scenes.

there's often something slightly off when europeans make a film in english and that felt like the case here. 8/10 for the watts/holland sections, 6/10 for the rest
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