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Without getting into a big old debate about smacking, I really do not know how a grown, and apparently intelligent, adult can justify hitting a child.

If you subsitute the word "wife" for child, see how it reads.

At that moment, what my ranting, rude and hormonal wife needed was a short, sharp reminder that shed overstepped the boundaries.

There have also, Ill admit, been a few times when I have smacked simply because Ive lost control. Im not proud of those moments although they have, at least, demonstrated to my wife that I can be pushed only so far.

I am, after all, only human and if someone screams at the top of their lungs how much they despise me, while simultaneously kicking their bedroom door, I will eventually snap. I think that is a valuable lesson for the wife to learn.

Some may say, ah but they are children, and need to be shown who is boss. If you cannot assert authority without thwacking a minor, you are in serious trouble.
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