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She's clearly seething at the backlash/lack of mag deals following her blessed union with Keith and is also seething that the looks that she once had have completely disappeared - of her own volition. She's so reactionary and stupid she hits out at someone who is younger and prettier than her (to be fair there's a whole troupe to choose from)...

Whilst once KP was stunning with a beautiful face, she is now plasticised with an absurd trout pout, awful, age ruined skin, beyond ridiculous comedy knockers and has the gait of a welder.

Kelly Brook no doubt weighs more than her, but she is stunningly naturally beautiful with a figure to die for - she doesn't need a boob job.
Yes. Katie has ruined her own looks with too much Botox, fillers and sunbed sessions. She was always very pretty when younger and when you think about it she's not really that old now, its just all the messing about she's done to herself over the years has aged her and she now looks a good ten years older than her actual age.
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