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Not in any way was that written by a teen.
Mommie dearest probably bribed her with a trip to meet Jonesie for fashion tips and pruning advice if she agreed to put her name to it.
Numbnuts Sibary makes it quite clear she is jealous of her child.Thank the heavens LJ failed in the sperm stealing eh?

ETA Fatsia ,I bet they were desperate to say "700K home" or whatever .but then a 14yr old wouldn't say that...unlike the rest of the tosh
Lol, sunstone. The piece by Flo was obviously a collaboration between Mommie and herself. Sibary's hardly going to let her write something independently if she snoops through her Facebook witterings. I wonder if the English teacher at Flo's private school is wondering why her essays don't quite match up 'her' piece in the DM? I'm being picky now, but I noticed some bits of bread crumbs or something under the ornate chest in their room. Shows how riveting the article was.
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