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Hey guys, first post here. I LOVE ASOS, its fresh updated and what i like, but its just sooo expensive. It has the latest trends, from boy london to hype to river island and also their own stuff is nice. I love vintage and 90,s clothing.

BUT its too expensive

anyone know any good alternatives?

TA x
ASOS is a bit hit and miss. A lot of their stuff is a load of crap, but they do have a few nice bits. You won't find stuff cheaper anywhere else though...their River Island clothes are sold at River Island prices...same with all the other brands they sell. Boy London is so ridiculous now. It's been around for ages and nobody cared about it until Rihanna was photographed wearing a Boy London cap. It's ridiculously expensive when really it's just crap. Try Topman, American Apparel, Zara, H&M.
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