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It's meant to be 'heifer' which is a type of cow (I think) so basically a fat person.

Which Kelly clearly isn't.
Well she may not be fat but anyone defending poor Kelly Brook should think twice. She certainly isn't as innocent as she makes out as this Blind Item revealed proves. Revealed from May 23rd 2012

Every May the movie world turns its direction to Cannes. Everyone wants to walk the red carpet and movie stars from all over the world come for their time in the spotlight. There are several other actresses that come also, but for an entirely different purpose. Cannes is the time of the year when actresses who have hit some harder times but have a high level of fame and still some kind of beauty audition to be what they call yacht girls for the summer. Cannes is where they try to find the guy that will make them their yacht girl. This is going to focus on actresses who have turned to this road. Once you come down this road it is tough to get off.

There is the British reality star/actress who is always available but only picks one guy and controls her partying. She loves it and says that three months in the south of France pays for her entire year of living. She tries to have a regular boyfriend the rest of the year, and always manages to break up just after Easter.
Hmmm i wonder who that could be?
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