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Well she may not be fat but anyone defending poor Kelly Brook should think twice. She certainly isn't as innocent as she makes out as this Blind Item revealed proves. Revealed from May 23rd 2012

Hmmm i wonder who that could be?
I haven't seen anyone other than you calling her "poor Kelly Brook". Whatever she does in her private life she at least doesn't sell the details to tatty mags in the manner of motor-mouth KP for 30 pieces of silver. She is a grown woman and can do as she pleases. The day she pops out three children then brings a series of strange men home to play daddy to them is the day I'll bash her private life.
The issue is the vile ( I know,I know,but it is apt) comments on another prettier woman's figure by a woman who is so misshapen that she is the butt of jokes on every forum & newspaper in the country. Miss Price needs to sort out her own body dysmorphic issues before daring comment on a beautiful girl with natural assets .
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