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Any gaming podcast I listen to is simply terrible. The last 2 I listened to was one from Joystiq which is supposed to be excellent according to a few online sites, but it just had annoying Americans saying "oh that is super cute" and" this is pretty" and were not very critical of anything.

And I listened to the The Mature Gamer Podcast and it was terrible, 4 people trying to be funny and they simply were not, the audio levels were up and down. They had no notes on most of the questions the annoying host asked so it was dead air after a lot of his questions, and the gaming knowledge in general was poor. One of them started talking about "the *super* Gianna sisters which was on the spectrum" and somebody else started to question what it was. I mean your on a Gaming podcast surely basic gaming history would be a necessity, especially The Great Giana Sisters. For those who dont know The Great Giana Sisters was a direct rip off of Mario, the first level of GGS is a carbon copy from Marios, it was released on Amiga, Amstrad, Commodore 64 and a few other computers (never on spectrum). The game was pulled off the shelves due the legal issues with Nintendo creating a collectors item and a place in gaming notoriety.

So I have yet to hear a decent gaming podcast.
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